What We Do

What We DoCCA is a professional organisation that has been dealing with the cult phenomena for some 30 years.   Since the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in 2001 CCA has had an interest in the similarities of the means  used by cults to indoctrinate  their followers and the methods used by terror organisation to radicalise the recruits.\

Our services include personal and family assistance for those who are affected by the cult phenomena and the provision of expert opinion to the legal fraternity.  CCA also advises government in relation to cults and terrorism methods and is actively involved in research relating to these matters. 

In an ever changing environment and the increasing use of the Internet and Social Media by cults and terror organisation for the purposes of mind control and recruitment CCA is well placed to deal with the ramifications of these developments.

CCA is frequently the first port of inquiry from the media in relation to mind control issues relating to cults and terror groups. 

Cult Consulting Australia

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