Public speaking


CCA conducts a wide range of community programs including lectures, workshops and seminars. The presentations can be tailored towards school or parent groups, corporate bodies or a range of professional fraternities.

Topics include:

  • The Human Need to Belong: Cults and Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century
  • Facebook and the End of Privacy and the Beginning of Infidelity
  • But It's Only Marijuana – A Parents’ Nightmare
  • Mum, I Won’t Be Home Tonight – A Workshop for Parents and Teenagers
  • Drama in Real Life – Personal and Dramatic Events that Have Changed the Lives of People
  • Spirituality and Intimacy – Bringing Spiritual Awareness into Your Relationship
  • The Dramatic Power of Divine Providence
  • Intimacy and Spirituality – Where Love and Heaven Meet

In May 2009, Raphael was a guest on ABC Sunday Nights. The extended interview is available at

In November 2011, Raphael was a speaker at a conference on the cult issue at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. The talk can be viewed here

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